Da Journal

20/10/22 - Being sick is uncool!

So whoops, I spent almost the entire week in bed because I tested positive for Covid for the first time since this whole thing began, rather inconvenient! As of typing this I'm doing way better and I'm grateful it didn't affect me any harder than it did but yeah it sucked. Lately I've just been having a lot of negative thoughts in general. I still have no idea about anything that I want to be doing but I've been applying myself a bit more, I think. I'm not entirely too sure.

1/10/22 - Start of Spooky Season!

It's October so you know what that means! Spooky cheers all around! Halloween was always my favourite holiday (although I think Christmas is a tiny bit behind). Anyways if my name of FuzzyPhantoms hasn't clued anyone in by now I'm quite the fan of ghosts and ghouls and the like. I was thinking of doing Inktober or a variation of it this year but I really doubt I'd be able to do all that without burning out. I'm still working on being a more active artist and I'm just unsure if that would be helpful. Either way I AM planning on doing some spooky art this month so uh yeah, stay posted!

28/9/22 - First Entry!

Alrighty! First time writing something like this online so I apologise if it isn't the most concise thing. I'm also unsure of whethere to call this a blog or a journal, I think journal sounds cooler but it may also sound a bit too private? I basically just wanna talk about general stuff and media I like here, or at least, that's the plan. I mentioned it on the main page (maybe outdated by the time you're reading this) but I started this website because I wanted my own space of the internet to rave on about all the stuff I like. Also just kinda hoping to move a bit away from social media as it is in general because y'know, the whole commodification of webspaces really sucks. Either way, I've got WAY more of the website to work on and I'm still really unsure on how to structure everything or what aesthetics I wanna go for so uh yeah. Let's all hope for the best.